Religious Accommodations

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Mizzou’s Religious Accommodations

“Many religious faiths are represented in the student body. The University of Missouri does not restrict student free exercise of religion, unless 1) the restriction is in the form of a rule of general applicability, and does not discriminate against religion or among religions; and 2) it can be demonstrated that the application of the restriction is essential to furthering a compelling university interest, and is not unduly restrictive considering the relevant circumstance. The policy of the University attempts to strike a reasonable balance between accommodating the religious practice of students and meeting academic needs and standards.

This form can only be used to notify an instructor of an absence associated with religious practice. Students are expected to notify their instructor(s) by completing and submitting this form in a manner that is consistent with the procedure outlined in the university’s policy on student religious accommodation. Providing false information regarding sincerely held religious practice is a violation of the university’s Standard of Conduct and will not be tolerated.”

-From the University website

Download the Request for Accommodations of Religious Practice form here

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