Run for JSO/Hillel Board!

JSO is the school facing leadership board of Mizzou Hillel! Do you have some awesome ideas for Hillel? Do you want to have a chance to pursue leadership within the Jewish community at Mizzou? You’ve come to the right place!

Apply HERE!!! Below are the descriptions for the positions available!


PRESIDENT – Oversee external communication, write statements, schedule space use and apply for org funding, work with Hillel staff, outline goals and preside over meetings.

TREASURER/SECRETARY – Internal communication, take minutes, apply for org funding, order JSO resources, other admin duties.

VP SOCIAL ACTION – Work with president to set social justice agenda, write statements, attend Four Front meetings and other social justice events on campus.

VP OUTREACH – Social media and external communication, work with president and Hillel interns, plan and publicize social events.

VP RELIGION & CULTURE – Work with Hillel staff to plan Shabbat and holiday programs, build Jewish cultural programs, partner with other Jewish orgs, help plan Holocaust Remembrance programming.

If you have any questions please feel free to email Spencer,

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