Building Renovations and Upgrades


An Investment in The Future

Support the Future of Hillel at Mizzou

An Investment in the Space and Organization That Builds Jewish Community For College Students in Columbia, MO

Donate or pledge a minimum of $5,000 to be recognized on a brick outside our building! Additional giving levels and naming opportunities are available – contact Jeanne for more details.

Thank you to Those Who Have Already Donated or Pledged to our Building Renovations!

Who Are We:

Mizzou Hillel Jewish Campus Center serves students from the University of Missouri, Stephens College, and Columbia College. We are an open, inclusive, and pluralistic Jewish space, and we host programming and events in our own building as well as on local college campuses.

Of the 800 Jewish undergraduates at Mizzou, Hillel serves nearly half directly through our programs, and all of them through our work advocating for a campus that is safe and secure for students who want to express their Jewish identity and practice their Judaism.

Our history has been largely free of problems of the kind found elsewhere due to our excellent relations with those on campus and in the city. Through leadership and cultivation of Jewish values, we have built a great environment for Jewish students. Now, we need to upgrade our facility to reflect our progress and tradition on campus.

Why Renovate?

Our current building was built in 1970, when it also housed the local synagogue. Currently, the space is divided into two sections, approx—5,000 sq. feet for Hillel and a leasee, which provides revenue for operations and programming. However, the current layout and condition of our space is not serving us or our students in the best possible way.

  • Mizzou is the only Missouri State school to have an independent Hillel with a stand-alone building.
  • This project creates the space our students deserve, one that reflects our Jewish values and current student lifestyle and expectations.
  • This renovation includes a reconfiguration to provide a more versatile space while also providing increased safety and security.
  • Replacing worn and outdated fixtures adds value, extends the life of our building, and increases our energy efficiency.

Support our Project:

Your investment makes our vision possible. Thank you for helping us as we continue to improve our space and Jewish life on campus.

Ask us about giving levels and naming opportunities.

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