Tigers and Torah

This semester we began the Jewish Learning Fellowship (JLF) at Mizzou, a program where students come together once a week to learn Jewish texts and ask the big questions over dinner. Eleven students from various Jewish backgrounds come together to learn Torah and discuss Jewish values.

After a long week of classes you think most people most people wouldn’t want to learn more. For senior student Marley Cuevas, it’s different. “it’s a change of pace and a very relaxing experience.” Through various other Jewish learning programs, she is in the habit of learning Torah.

Marley Cuevas
JLF Fellow Marley Cuevas

Kate Wolk, a recent transfer junior student and JLF Fellow did not expect to have formal Jewish learning experiences on campus. “I’m learning more about how Judaism views specific things, and how people put it into action.” Her favorite topic discussed in class was on friendship and honesty where students dove into the Talmud on how to be a good friend, especially in situations where honesty may not be seen as supportive. JLF Fellow Brandon Poticha thought the discussion ” was very easily related to everyday life while taking a Jewish spin on it.”

This week, we are opening up the class for anyone looking to join us to learn in honor of the Tree of Life Synagogue. Each participant will have the victims in mind as they continue the Jewish tradition of learning, and perform such an important mitzvah.

JLF will be held on campus next semester as well, with a whole new cohort of empowered Jewish students. To learn more about our Jewish Learning Fellowship or to apply for the spring semester cohort, visit our JLF page!



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