BICEP Comes to Mizzou!

We have great news! After many successful years of engaging students through Birthright Israel, we are excited to announce the next big step in the area of Israel engagement!

Mizzou Birthright Dec. 2017

Starting in the 2018-2019 academic year, Mizzou Hillel will be working with various Jewish and Israel organizations to have a full year of Israel engagement through the Birthright Israel Collaborative Engagement Project (BICEP).

Focused on enriching trip preparation, enhancing the participant experience in Israel, and facilitating post-trip engagement, the Birthright Israel Collaborative Enhancement Project (BICEP), offers its college-based participants deep and lasting connections with Israel.

What kind of enhancements are being made for participants in Israel?

While the standard Birthright Israel itinerary is amazing, BICEP adds even more amazing experiences to the trip, such as:

  • Having Israeli participants (often soldiers) for the full ten day experience, as opposed to the standard five days.
  • Visiting an Israeli Defense Force base, likely the base where an Israeli participant is serving.
  • A geopolitical briefing from an expert in the field, while doing activities such as touring the security barrier to learn more about the geopolitical conflict.
  • A social action project that begins on the trip with an Israeli organization that continues on campus.
  • A screening B-2247: A Granddaughter’s Understanding¬†prior to visiting Yad Vashem – the The World Holocaust Remembrance Center.

With all of these amazing enhancements to our Birthright Israel trip this winter, Mizzou Hillel will be the best option for Mizzou students, with amazing post-Birthright Israel engagement.

Students can already pre-register for this winter, spots will be filling up fast due to this amazing opportunity!

Click here to pre-register for our enhanced Birthright Israel trip!

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