What’s Happening this Week in your Friendly, Neighborhood Hillel: September 5, 2012

Here’s what’s happening at Hillel this week:

· Never been to Israel before? Want to go to Israel for 10 days for free over Winter Break? Birthright-Israel Registration opens Wednesday, September 12th. Email Hillel Director Brian Mitchell (Brian@Mizzouhillel.org) if you want to be placed on the list. Get to it!

· Falafel, Pita and Hummus-OH MY! Okay, but really, this Shabbat is Israel-themed so that means deliciousness all around. Services start at 6:00pm this Friday night and dinner is served afterwards.

· This Rosh Hashanah make sure you know that a Shofar isn’t just someone who drives a Limousine. Join Mizzou Chabad, the Shofar Factory and us, of course, as we make some pretty cool shofars on September 11th at 6:00pm at the Hillel Building.

· The High Holy Days are coming up fast! We’re hosting free student-led services here at the Hillel Building, here’s the schedule:

Rosh Hashanah
Erev Rosh Hashanah
Sunday, September 16
7:00pm Services at Hillel

Rosh Hashanah Day 1:
Monday, September 17
9:30am Services at Hillel
7:30pm Erev Day 2 Services at Hillel

Rosh Hashanah Day 2:
Tuesday, September 18
9:30am Services At Hillel

Yom Kippur
Kol Nidre:
 Tuesday, September 25
6:45pm Services at Hillel

Yom Kippur: Wednesday, September 26
9:30am Services at Hillel
5:45pm Yizkor (Memorial Service)
6:30pm Afternoon Service
Break Fast at Sundown

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